Time Management Series: Balancing Your Weekend


Welcome to the latest post in Where The Light Play's time management series.

Now we are all about ease around here, so I don't want you to panic that you have to start scheduling your weekends down to the last moment. We are also all about balance and that's the focus here - balancing your days off.

I'm sure many of us have blinked, arrived at Sunday night, and either:

a) had an enormous hangover (or had too much fun in general) and now know we'll wake up at 6am on Monday bleary-eyed, with a pile of dirty washing, no food in the fridge and limp, oily hair, or

b) been sitting in a spotless house, with all our lunches ready for the week, the sheets ironed, and feeling completely bereft of any enjoyment or fun.

With a little planning, you can have the best of all worlds.


Please, please, please spend some of your weekend relaxing. I know it's easy to try and cram all our catch ups and jobs into the two short weekend days, but if you start the following week exhausted, you'll find it hard to regain energy and momentum.

Go to yoga, take a bubble bath, read your favourite magazine or book. Turn off your phone for at least an hour or two and breathe...


All week we try and turn up at work on time, get to the gym and go to bed early. But life isn't all about following rules.

Be naughty on the weekend at some point. Sleep in way too late, go dancing until 2am, have wine with lunch on Sunday or go to bed without taking your makeup off (gasp!). You've been so good, you deserve to be bad sometimes. 


Make time on your weekends for connecting with the people in your world that truly matter. Your partner, family, good friends, whoever it may be.

Walk around a public garden with them (hi Jackie!), sit for way too long over brunch and coffee, have a Skype date for hours. Spending time with those who matter will fill you up and give you more energy to start your week with.



In reality, most of us do want to start the week well prepared. But instead of doing jobs in bits and pieces all weekend, try batching them together or you'll feel like you never got a real break.

I usually dedicate either Saturday or Sunday morning (depending on which night I'm being naughty) to the more menial tasks - gym, groceries, cooking, cleaning. Then I know they're all out of the way and I can enjoy the rest of the weekend guilt-free.

With the Sunday afternoon / evening blues fairly common among women these days, getting our chores out of the way can help us focus on truly fun activities and making the most of the last hours of our time off.

How do you balance your weekends?