Light links: October


October has been a busy month, enjoying birthdays and finishing up my current job. Melbourne has had some lovely warm days too. I won’t rub it in to my northern hemisphere friends, but I’m looking forward to a great summer. Here are some links that caught my eye in October:

Totally boring and practical, I’m always googling how to store my fruit and veg. Why do my carrots never last?!

I love these 5 pragmatic tips about finding time for the things you want to do and not getting lost in busy days. My favourite is number three.

In the same vein, are you addicted to being busy? I do find the guilt seeps in if I’m not always ‘being productive’.

1984 and Brave New World are two of my favourite books, so I was excited to read this note Aldous Huxley sent George Orwell when 1984 came out (and to find out that he taught him briefly!). I must agree, I favour Brave New World.

An encouraging post about why it’s ok to do ‘the phantom’ (as I call it) at parties, and leave without saying goodbye.