Where Did J-Lo Go Wrong?

J-Lo makes me pensive.jpg

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a ‘feminist’. *da da da dummmm... *

Unfortunately many of my early memories of sporting this title, namely my teen years, are peppered with embarrassing moments, where my views were discounted or made to seem extreme. I was always the friend defending my female classmates from cat calls and skirt flippings and sexist comments. I really hope that doesn’t still happen in schools. Although I’m not that hopeful about that.

Girls on film

Along with being a feminist, I am also a member of one of Australia’s most well-known gym chains. I tend to work out to my own playlists (Footloose soundtrack, I’m looking at you – seriously try it!) but there are music videos on repeat in the gyms, serving as EDM motivation from time to time, or as a distraction while I avoid the next set of squats.

This is where most of my video clip exposure comes from now. Like many of you I’m sure, I used to tape hours and hours of Rage (Australia’s number 1 clip show in the ‘90s) and watch my favourites on repeat.

My gym alternates between songs that work for me (Kid Cudi, Justin Timberlake, Rita Ora et al) and the ones that don’t work for me: Ministry of Sound soft-core clips, featuring women in nurses’ outfits, bikinis, or with nothing on but a whole lot of side boob. I’ve found myself many times giving out major bitchy resting face, while scoffing loudly. Usually, the clips have no premise and there’s zero reason for the women to be portrayed as they are.

Jenny’s lost her way

Last week at the gym, I saw J-Lo and Iggy Azalea's clip for the first time. J-Lo, who rose to fame when I first started going out to clubs, who although somewhat known for her body, shone bright in my and my friends' eyes and had the attitude we all wanted, even while wearing cargo pants and heels. She was Jenny from the block after all. Sorry to do this to you, but watch this video.


I’ve always felt an affinity to Jen and as she gracefully entered her mid-40s, I looked on with admiration. I clearly don’t know the story behind Booty, but either she, or someone that works for her, advised it was best to lube up her entire body and rub it against a 24 year old’s. I am 100% behind women being proud of their bodies, but if this, dear friends, is what they’ve got to do to get that message across, I am deeply disappointed and just really, really sad. And if you need more evidence, go and watch Shakira and Rihanna do pretty much the same thing. If this is what a woman has to do to sell records and prove her talent, then I don’t want anything to do with the popular music industry. Seriously, how is this still happening?

Sorry for the depressing Sunday post, but if you’d really like to round it out – read this article about the game show Family Feud. We're better than this, let's show it.