Social media fail

I know Shark Week has just finished and I had to share this complete *facepalm* social media story. After mustering up the courage to share my blog around with a few groups on Facebook, I revealed my first post to …oooh… around 1,394 like-minded women in a particular group. Two of which run the group and are amongst my favourite bloggers.


I typed my status, clicked ‘no thumbnail’ on my blog link and sent it out into the world. Below is the result.


Ummm, what? I have never seen this particular image... Luckily I have a slight knowledge of art and thought ‘That looks like that odd Damien Hirst installation’. A search proved me correct and I tried to take the high road – maybe it will give me some cred in the art world? Right? Right??

Enter me frantically searching for how to delete the photos in links once you’ve posted on FB (impossible as far as I can tell – you can only edit the text you’ve posted). I was fumbling around FB developer, clearing caches, with my husband chortling in the background.

A few days later I was playing around on my blog and discovered a thumbnail buried deep in the settings on one of my pages. Sharky! I still have no idea why it’s there but presumably it’s some kind of default. Sigh.

Lessons learned

Then I remembered the purpose of this blog – ease and living imperfectly. That shark will always make me laugh now and hey, I’m new to the blogging world, so errors are ok. Plus now I have a Shark Week post!

It takes courage to put yourself out there, whether it be at work, in a relationship or online. Although we'd like to think we can control the outcomes, we simply can't - a lesson I have to reinforce to myself regularly. My first instinct was to try and regain control, while also hiding my errors from others. Now, I'm flying the flag for my readers and putting it all out there, to let you know it's ok to be less than perfect. 

Have you been less than perfect recently? Have you made any mistakes that you're no longer going to hide?