My Evening Routine

After my morning routine post a few months back, I’ve had requests to talk you through my evening routine. My initial thought was ‘I'm not sure I have an evening routine’...

Upon further reflection, like most organised people (yes, that’s me) - I kind of do have some standard rituals that I follow. Thinking about my evening routine for this post has also helped me tighten up what I was doing after work and be more mindful around how I spend my time.

I move my body

Remember my reminders app post?

I don’t go to the gym every night but I do try and do something after work - whether it’s a walk at sunset, some yoga stretches, just something to move my body after a day hunched over the computer.

I rest as soon as I can 

Resting after work has taken me years to learn. I used to get home from work and rush into evening mode - grabbing a snack, putting laundry on, starting dinner. Um, cruel! I just worked all day and now you want me to do the night shift??

I now make a conscious effort to have a break before I start anything.

I’ll often change my clothes, grab a glass of water or cup of tea and sit (let’s face it - lie) down and read a book or an article on my iPad. This usually ends in kitten cuddles from Pickles which is pretty amazing, but the overarching point is to delineate between work and the evening ahead.

This video from Kimberley Snyder is a good way to combine exercise and rest in one if you're strapped for time. 

I eat dinner 

Yes, I eat dinner! Shock.

My husband and I split the cooking (which I’m so grateful for). Usually on the nights I’m at the gym he will cook and I’ll cook on the nights I’m home after work.

I don’t mind cooking and make a conscious effort to single task - that is, work through the cooking one step at a time, without trying to multi task the steps too much. That’s when I end up a bit frazzled as I sit down to dinner. I also love to put some music on and sip a glass of wine on some evenings.

I prep for the next day

I don’t know how I lived without this step for so long. I feel like a super organised loser, but I don’t care, it’s worth it.

I check the weather, choose my outfit for the next day, prep any breakfast that I can prep ahead of time (hello overnight oats!), and pack my gym or work bag if need be.

It takes 10 minutes max and makes me a less grumpy lady the next morning.

I put my phone away

Those phone reminders are back again. I still have a bit of an internal argument whenever I see this reminder but I do relax and sleep better if I’m not on my phone until the last minute before REM sets in.

I set my alarm, plug my iPhone into the charger and grab my most recent book.

I read 

After being an obsessive reader growing up, and also working in book publishing for years, since the takeover of the internet and specifically social media in our lives, I just have not read as much as I’d like to.

I’m still not 100% clear on the reasons why, but in 2015 I have really ramped up the reading.

My mother-in-law has been lending me some great books this year, so I think knowing someone is waiting on your opinion on a book keeps me churning through a chapter a night. I’ve never been a member of a book club but imagine they serve the same purpose?

Either way I’m going with it and enjoying the escapism at the end of a long day.

What’s involved in your evening routine?

Am I missing a great step you can share with me?

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