October Recap and November Intentions

We are well into November now and are beginning the slide into the end of 2016.

October included relaxing and fun weekends away in Sydney and Anglesea and was of course my birthday month, as well as Pickles' birthday month! 

I’m hoping November will bring some sunny evenings spent eating dinner on our balcony and relaxing weekends before the Christmas rush begins.

So let’s recap my intentions and look forward to what I’m working on this month.

Blog it up

After letting my blog posts slide a little in August and September, October saw me back to regular transmission and carving out time each week to write to you my lovely readers.

I’m also now offering a free resource above - my top 5 tools for everyday ease. I hope you find it useful - let me know in the comments below!

Rekindle friendships

Time with friends is just the best - I sometimes forget that when I get swept up in busy work days, getting to the gym and keeping up with household chores...

As I mentioned I spent weekends away with friends and caught up with lots of people around my birthday.

I always leave these catch ups and conversations feeling energised and more positive so plenty more to come in November.

November Intentions

Chill out

Ha, can you tell I need this one readers? Although I enjoy keeping up with routine and working on self-improvement, we all need a break sometimes.

A friend of mine recently pointed out my tendency to try and ‘fix’ situations or traits about myself ASAP when often we have to let things run their course, or even just accept them as they are.

This month I’m going to pare back on the personal development again and see if I can tone down the over analysing part of my brain. Wish me luck!


In that vein only one intention for me this month and I like that!

What are you working on in November? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to download my 5 tools for everyday ease above.