Light Links: January


Repeat after me: I will not become one of those people who constantly talks about how the months are flying by…

Ok, January has gone a little quickly.

But between winery visits, beach swims, dancing to hip hop from 1988-1992 (truth), a 30 day yoga challenge and a few days off, it’s been an eventful, summery one. A theme came through in my favourite links this month - lots of ease and clearing space. It’s a great time of year for that. Enjoy.

A very handy guide for those bleary-eyed mornings, particularly after a break from work. 10 things to do for the first 10 minutes of your day.

Brilliant for multi-taskers (like me) - how to use unexpected free time.

How blissful does this sound? A staycation spent reading. If you’re not a reader, insert your favourite activity and go for it.

Here's a great article on mindfulness. I’ve been working on this in January. When I’m at work, focusing on work. When I’m exercising, focusing on my body. Stop living life a few hours ahead of yourself and stay present.

My new mantra for decluttering - stop buying more cute storage contraptions to keep it in and throw it out instead.

What are you making more space for in 2015?