An 80 hour work week?

The idea has been percolating for months. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read blogs. Love.
Bloglovin’ and Feedly have made reading the blogs I follow so easy over the last year or so, but lately I feel like reading them and checking Instagram is another full time job. And like my work, I want to feel pleasure and fulfilment from it.

The list goes on. And on...

Instead, I’ve started to notice my online habits are chipping away at my motivation. I turn off my iPad feeling ‘not good enough’ and with an insidious pressure to up my game.
I need more time in the day to revamp my skincare routine, take up barre and hot yoga, style my coffee table and buy peonies for each room of my house. I need to start this new sugar-free program (when I’ve already purchased two I haven’t started), start a gratitude journal and work out why my chia pudding is a watery mess. Again, I love so many of the blogs I read, but I can’t do it anymore. I need to know I’m doing fine and that life is easy!

Out of the woodwork

As I began forming the concept for this blog, friends started revealing their own stories unprompted. Friends in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

‘I’m using this Calm app on my phone to try and reduce my stress and get my concentration back’.
‘I’m struggling with anxiety around my wedding/baby/if I should get married/when I should have a baby/if I want a baby’.
‘I feel unfulfilled around x, y and z’.

The outlook

Of course we’ll always have decisions to stew over but guess what? There is no wrong decision. You and I are both doing a great job.
We’re never going to finish our to-do lists (more on this later!) so we need to stop worrying. We can always make moves to enhance our lives but no more feeling like an overhaul is the only option. Welcome to Where the light plays.