The man who told me to forget cardio


Did I ever really feel healthy?

In January 2011, my boyfriend of six years proposed to me. We had always 'known' that we would stay together but it was a beautiful and somewhat unexpected surprise to be proposed to.

I know many women say this but a wedding is kind of a good opportunity to get in shape and for me that involved shedding around seven kilos that had crept on since 2008. 

Enter my sister-in-law-to-be's personal trainer. Or 'holistic lifestyle coach' as he prefers to be known. My sister-in-law has a fantastic physique and trained regularly with him prior to her wedding in 2010.

HLC (as he shall be known) has had such a positive effect on my life and really does embody ease. I thought I felt good and was above average on the health front when I started seeing him. I was wrong. I started seeing him in May 2011 and still see him weekly in a group setting, so it's almost hard for me to recall how I felt before starting to learn from him. 

My top 3 lessons

The main points I've implemented in my life, and I'll go into these in future posts, are:

  • Lift weights and forget cardio for the most part. Music to my ears!
  • Stop eating processed crud. I remember the first food diary HLC asked me to fill out. Not many natural foods and lots of low fat processed options. 'Not a food, not a food, not a food' he kept repeating as he reviewed it...
  • Eat organic as much as you can.

Wine conquers all

Luckily HLC operates without pressure. The first few months, I'd arrive at our sessions nervous about the bottle of wine I'd guzzled the night before (some habits remain) or the pizza I'd eaten after being too exhausted from work to cook on the Wednesday night. HLC is not about that. He constantly reminds me that by investing in my health I'm ahead of many of the population and that by even trying to focus on stretching and lifting weights, I'm doing great. Training with ease for sure.